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All relationships, whether professional or personal, are created, maintained, or destroyed by communication and Carolynn has an insatiable desire to help others effectively communicate, reframe failure, and create intrinsic self-confidence.


Bullying, suicide, and low self-esteem has reached to a global crisis. Carolynn quit her six-figure job to become a substitute teacher. Prior to quitting her corporate track, she had unreal experiences with young professionals during the interview processes where they were getting physically ill on initial screening interviews. She was baffled and had to know what was happening in their pre-adult training ground: school. In short, curiosity killed her corporate career.


She began her research and immediately saw gaps throughout the schools. But what were we to do after a global pandemic? No one had experienced this before and we have never had to recalibrate from such a global throat punch. 


Throughout her research she saw disconnects between students, teachers, the learning process, social engagement, and communication skills. We had all taken on additional responsibilities, roles, and tasks like never before. Adding more would devastate the teaching profession, and then the 2 degree shift was born.


Carolynn received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Utah State University and a Master’s in Strategic Communication from Westminster. She also worked in the financial, legal, and human capital industries before curiosity got the best of her. And the best is yet to be.

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