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The Unexpected Lesson in Covid-19

When we show up wholeheartedly it changes lives.

I tested positive for Covid-19 about 6 weeks ago and (thankfully!) fully recovered.

0/10 recommend.

But I learned something during that time I wasn't expecting.

I had meetings scheduled when I thought it was just a head cold. I kept my meetings as planned (all virtual, of course).

Then I absolutely tanked. Sleeping 12+ hours a day plus a nap. I was toast. (Speaking of toast - losing your taste and smell is super weird).

I reached out to my scheduled appointments and some of their responses were so touching, incredibly insightful, and reminded me of the goodness of humanity.

The gesture that caught me off guard the most:

"I'll pray for you and your family."

These were business colleagues. Not religious associates. These people didn't know if I was religious or a praying woman, but that didn't matter.

They showed me their heart in the midst of uncertainty and unknowns. They allowed me to see beyond the business persona and in to their personal and spiritual spheres.

They honestly inspired me to be better - to share my faith in God and to share my heart 100%. No filters needed.

May God bless you as you navigate the unknowns in your personal and professional spheres. May you feel His love, grace, acceptance, and goodness.

Our contributions matter. How are you intentionally sharing your heart with people?

YOU are needed more than ever. Your light, goodness, and kindness cannot be replicated by anyone else. You can reach people in the midst of their struggles that no one else may be able. Honor that divine gift that is uniquely yours.

Be brave. Be kind. Be you.

Cheers to you and sharing your heart beyond a profile or persona!

You've got this.


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